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We are an India based "Packers and Movers" organization that offers professional packing and moving services for all type of goods across India. We take pride in offering packing and unpacking services, loading and unloading services, car transportation services at the most economical cost and at the same time we provide reliability in the service. We are having our own branches all over India in all major cities. Our all branches are having well equipped of communication facilities, computers, telephone, fax and mobile phones. All our staff is well trained to meet your all type of requirement. We are Providing Packers and Movers Ahmedabad, Packing and Moving Services Ahmedabad.

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We can help you with the services at local as well as national level i.e. relocation, moving, transferring your goods at the requisite location across India. We are packers and movers of household goods and have been able to service customer to their satisfaction.

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our company

is an India based “Packers and Movers” organization that can help you with the services at local as well as national level i.e. relocation, moving, transferring your goods at the requisite location across India. We are packers and movers of household goods and have been able to service customer to their satisfaction.

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Packers and Movers in Gurgaon

Packers and Movers Services

Packing and Moving of goods is one of the most important processes in packing and moving of goods. Care needs to be taken to pack the materials properly so that they do not get broken down during transportation.

Packing Services

Packing of goods is one of the most important processes in moving of goods. Care needs to be taken to pack the materials properly so that they do not get broken down during transportation. The team of experts analyzes the requirements for Packing of goods and thereafter suggests the same to the customer. The goods are properly packed using the specialized material for packing. We use high quality packing material, boxes which ensure maximum safety of your goods while they are in transit.

The team while packing also provides a complete list of items that has been packed so that the same checklist can be verified at the time of unpacking of goods. It is recommended that you be present and verify the checklist of items packed by the “Packing Team” and confirm the same. It is also recommended to ensure the insurance cover on the goods that are supposed to go in transit. Moving Services

We provide moving services for almost every kind of goods like corporate goods, household goods, car transportation, cargo re-moving, local shifting, industrial goods etc. We provide the facility with the best packing services and careful movement of goods i.e. the goods are safe in transit.

We use the best vehicles as per the requirement/nature of goods to be moved. We have a network of people/transporters linked with us who provide us quality vehicles and thus we are able to ensure the quality of movement of goods and provide quality services to our customer.

Unpacking Services

Unpacking Services includes receiving the goods in transit and successfully installing the goods at the right place as per the requirements of the customer. It also involves suggestions about positioning of goods

Household Goods Shifting Services

we specialize in this service and have elite customers. We are engaged into local shifting as well as national shifting.

We pack the goods with best quality material and take care that they are not damaged during transit. We load the goods into the transportation vehicle and thereafter unload the goods at destination. At destination we are able to verify the items with the help of checklist and there after we move the goods to the destination place. It does not matter if the goods are to be moved on the 1st floor or 10th floor. Our team takes utmost care and compliance so that no damage occurs to your goods while the goods are moved to your place.

Process of Unpacking

1)The goods are first delivered to the target location.
2)The goods are then unpacked and then rearranged at the requisite location.
3)The goods if required are again re-positioned as per the directions of our clients.

Relocation Services

Relocation Services is also one of the integral part of our list of services. We provide relocation services at local as well as national level. We can relocate your household or office goods at local level or national level.

Process of Relocation

1)We first pack your goods and thereafter create a checklist of items to be relocated.
2)We move the goods to the required new location.
3)If the goods are to be moved to an outside location we recommend appropriate insurance be taken.
4)After reaching to the new location unpacking of goods is done which is again a specialized process and done by another team of professionals at the other end.
5)The unpacking team unloads the goods from the transportation vehicle and places it at the desired location and unpacks the goods.
6)The goods when unpacked are verified according to the checklist created at the source and is again verified with the customer.

Car Transportation Services

Car Transportation Services helps you to transport/re-locate your car to a different destination. We help your car to be transported to a new destination and make the transportation process safe and damage free.

To make the process safe we pack the car with the covering material so that scratches are not created during loading or unloading process. We load the car into the truck and thereafter the car is hooked up within the vehicle so that the car does not move while in transit. We recommend insurance be taken for any goods in transit. We help you track your goods while in transit. We are just a call away from you.

Insurance Services

In spite of us being careful about all our surroundings, mishaps though uninvited but are quite inevitable. Unfortunate accidents i.e. fire, natural calamities, riots, theft or sabotage etc often causes the complete loss of our loved ones and belongings. Here comes the advent and utility of Insurance. Insurance though cannot prevent the happening of such events however can surely helps us in recovering the losses thus occurred.

At AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS, we as leading Packers and Movers take complete responsibility of providing and procuring insurance for the shipments on behalf of our customers. The motive of taking charge of getting your goods insured is to relieve you from the added responsibility of tiring paperwork while you plan to shift or relocate from one location to another. In sync with our other services Insurance comes as an added benefit for our esteemed customers.

We take full charge of getting your valuables insured under the general insurance category. We take all due care to move your belongings safely in our secure and well managed network. However in case of any mishap or damage during transit the goods insured are well recoverable due to our efficient Insurance facility. We basically furnish below types of Insurance:

1)Transportation Insurance: This Insurance is acquired for the simple purpose of recovering the cost of damage caused during transit of goods from one destination to another.
2)Comprehensive Insurance: The second category is an overall Insurance of items for any type of damage or loss during loading, packing, unloading, transit etc.
3)Storage Insurance: This group of Insurance is categorically aimed for the losses occurred while the storage or warehousing of goods.

We as an efficient Movers and Packers service provider, excel in procuring best and cost effective Insurance for your valuables on your behalf.

We shall undertake the insurance (transit and all risk) also on your behalf to save your precious time. It will be done in your close association leaving nothing to chance.

Providing the facility of transport insurance in case of any mishap. So, you need not to worry about your goods and products.

Loading and Unloading Services

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS proffer Loading & Unloading Services in all the locations. It is one of the most renowned companies that have good backing from all the customers that have utilized its services. After all for a packing and moving company to be successful it is not only important to be good in that field, rather it is equally important to excel in the field of loading and unloading. After all what would you think is the utility of packing and relocating the goods efficiently, if there are no efficient workers who can handle the loading and unloading of the goods effectively? Companies of Loading and Unloading services in India present a scenario where the packing of all the goods have been done very efficiently, and all the goods are appropriately packed in boxes that are meant for them. There is also bubble packing provided and everything is done to ensure that there is no chipping or breakage of expensive china or delicate essentials while packing. Everything seems in order when this step is carried out and goods are somehow moved to the newer location, however at the time of unloading, no care is taken to handle the delicate products in accordance and also no unloading instructions are followed. What do you think would be the end result of this scenario? Where do you think that this would lead the customer into? Well this could very well be termed as a harrowing experience for the customer, who would probably never utilize the services of such a company again.

However while dealing with our company you can be assured that this kind of a scenario would be the remotest of all the possibilities for you. AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS; which is a very well established company of Loading and Unloading Services in india; ensures that all the intricacies and detailing that is required for safe and sound delivery of all the goods is effectively taken care of. We have the professional team of workers that are capable of handling any kind of goods effectively and you can be assured that once you handover your consignment to us it would reach safely at the required destination, without any hassles that can impede the process. Our professional groups of people are fully equipped with all the crucial machinery that comes handy at the time of loading and unloading. They have cranes, power screws and other necessary pieces of equipments handy with them so that these can be utilized whenever it is required. However one has to appreciate the fact that handling this kind of a procedure is not a very easy task. This requires a lot of expertise to handle the products so that no harm is done to the cartons as well as the content within. Owing to the success and expertise that AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS have delivered in india. it now has companies of loading unloading services in Bangalore as well. With our company you can simply be assured that the goods would reach the ultimate destination safely and that too without any prospective damage done to them. We follow two steps to ensure this, first of all the goods are packed in a fool proof manner in boxes and cartons that are highly appropriate for them and then secondly they are loaded and unloaded in such a manner that no goods are mishandled and you can find your products safe and sound and that too delivered on time. That is the reason that one of the residents in Banglore says that 'AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS is the ultimate company for all moving requirements'.

Corporate Packing and Moving Services

Corporate Packing and Moving service involved movement of goods of officers within the corporate or shifting of office material. We specialize in this service and have elite customers.We pack the goods be it complete office goods or household goods of top officials with best quality material and take care that they are not damaged during transit.

We load the goods into the transportation vehicle and thereafter unload the goods at destination. At destination we are able to verify the items with the help of checklist and there after we move the goods to the destination place. It does not matter if the goods are to be moved on the 1st floor or 10th floor. Our team takes utmost care and compliance so that no damage occurs to your goods while the goods are moved to your place.

Process of Unpacking

1)The goods are first delivered to the target location.
2)The goods are then unpacked and then rearranged at the requisite location.
3)The goods if required are again re-positioned as per the directions of our clients.

Escorts Services

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS Transit Escort Packers Movers Services to prevent the house-hold effects from any kind of trouble an additional advantage for smooth, trouble-free, and unforgettably happy transportation journey & to maintain proper communication with the origin, one of the team member will accompany the vehicle till it reaches its final destination.

The Transit Advisory, which consists of transit professionals, guides the Transit Escort work plan for each moving and packing services, 1st Shivam Cargo packing and moving operations, maintenance, etc. AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS Company Services not only pack and move the goods to the final destination but also take care of the safety of their goods.

To deliver the goods in an absolutely flawless condition and to prevent any untoward incident during transition, the company sends one of its member along with the goods as an escort for its safety.

The following tips must be remembered about the transit escort Serviecs in India.

1)The transit escort is an additional advantage for smooth, trouble-free packing and Moving Services, and unforgettably happy transportation and journey.
2)The transit escort offers safety and security to the luggage, equipments, machinery, etc.
3)Transit escort gives economical and prompt assistance.
4)Transit escort saves from being duped into deceit and fraud.
5)The support of any established and reliable transit escort company is always recommended.

Unpacking Services

Unpacking Services also known as destination services is as tedious and time consuming as is packing. Once goods are packed and moved to their respective destination, the next crucial job is that of unpacking. Unpacking service should be really prompt and quick as these allow an individual or an entire set up getting back to a normal routine. Packers and movers offer their professional services and assistance to carefully unpack without facing any difficulty and avoid any sort of misplacement of goods.Unpackers pick up where the movers stop - they unpack boxes, wash everything, put everything away and arrange them at the proper place or as directed by the customer.

Their services are especially useful when the items are in bulk or there are many fragile items that need special care. They remove the packing materials thereby relieving a person of an extra task. The damaged items are kept separately which can be later used as a proof for insurance claims.Trained professionals offered by movers and packers can provide useful tips regarding the setting up of the items. Whether the unpacking service availed is full or partial, depends on the needs and budget of the client.

Depending on the customer’s specifications, either all the boxes or just a few of them are unpacked, to suit the needs. This allows them the time to clean and organize before putting them away. Whether the unpacking service availed is full or partial, depends on the needs and budget of the client.

Unpackers compare final inventory with the initial inventory to ensure that nothing is misplaced at destination.

At times for liability reasons relocators keep a clause that if the packing is done through them, they should also be hired for unpacking which should be checked before signing any contract.

Following are unpacking tasks offered by service providers at a glance--

1)Unpacking boxes and removing items from them.
2)Unpacking fragile items with extra care
3)Placement of fragile items.
4)Furniture assembly and positioning.
5)Hanging of shelves and cabinets.
6)Rubbish disposal.
7)Unpack cartons and place goods into cupboards.
8)Cleaning and wiping of Cupboards, shelves and bench tops.
9)Placing food items into the pantry and refrigerator.
10)Unpacking Clothes and hanging in wardrobes.
11)Linen and towels are sorted and color coordinated.
12)Books are neatly arranged onto bookshelves.
13)Crystal, silverware and family heirlooms placed into wall units

Courier Services

International Courier ServicesAGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS is dedicated to reach every Documents, Non-Documents-Sample Shipments, Commercial Shipments, Import & Export Goods to every possible places in the world as per customer requirements.

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS is committed to provide affordable International courier service adhering to the stringent time schedules and quality standards.

Our own offices established in New York/USA, Singapore and Dubai/UAE functions as the World Hubs for ensuring International connectivity to the rest of the world through a Network of our Strategic Business Partners.

Global Express

All documents / Non-documents are delivered worldwide at most economical rates. The chosen modes of operational connectivity gives us a cutting edge for faster services as per the requirements of the customers.

University Express

Special Messenger Services are made available for exclusive deliveries of University Applications of Students.

Domestic Courier Services

Express Service
Your time sensitive Documents / Non-documents are delivered next day in all Metros/Major Cities & Towns on priority basis.

Air Cargo
All your bulk consignments are sent through as cargo in flights to various destinations as per the choice of the customers. This provides specialized handling and door-to-door delivery of critical priority shipments such as medicines (vaccines), perishable commodities (fruits and vegetables) and other time sensitive cargo by air transport. Based on customer requirements, air cargo shipments are delivered to the specific destination in 24 to 48 hrs.

Surface Cargo
All your bulk consignments are transported through our own fleet of Vehicles and through our own leased Railway Wagons and through other modes to various stations all over India. Supported by container LCVs, TPC ensures added safety and on time delivery for surface transit cargo.

Logistic Solutions
Warehousing and Dispapches ­ We provide godown facilities and function as a logistic service provider for procurement, storage, processing, packaging and dispatch of goods as per customer needs, thus functioning as a one shop stop for all logistic solutions.

Pick & Pack
Packaging and Processing ­ Customers get opportunity in availing services even for insertions of documents in envelopes, labeling, processing and packing.

Dawn to Dusk
Same day service ­ This offers morning bookings made delivery by evening of the same day.

Mass Mail
Processing outsourced ­ This gives customers opportunity to outsource the services of couriers in doing all process that needs specialization in handling bulk mails. This includes mobile phone bills, interest warrants, annual reports, AGM notices, product promotional literature, greetings and others.

International Packers and Movers Services

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS Domestic and International Packers and Movers is proud to be affiliated with International packing and Moving companies worldwide.

We offer seamless, simplified door to door international packing and moving services. The top 5 international requested quotes are for families moving to UK - England, Australia, Germany, USA - California, and US - New York.

Whether you need a full container, custom crates, small lift-van containers or consolidations with other small shipments (groupage) we will move your personal effects carefully and efficiently to your international destination.

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS Domestic and International Packers and Movers offers a full range of professional overseas packing and moving services arranged specifically to your needs. All your belongings, including furniture, bulky pieces and appliances will be export-wrapped for protection on the journey. The furniture will be dismantled, where appropriate, and wrapped with multi-layered export wrapping material. Air bubble sheet is also used by our service. This wonderful wrapping material is made up of bubble wrap on both side.

Where items require additional protection, double wrapping and crating will provide you with the care you would expect from a packing and moving company that wants you as a repeat customer

Storage and Warehouseing Services

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS is associated with movers and packers industries who provide warehousing services across India. this service associated with us provide well designed warehousing and storage space. As you know warehouses are provided with high level of security. AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS providing warehousing services have all kinds of facilities like parking of vehicles including container trucks.

we provide the well maintained and managed warehouses related with maintenance, cleaning of the site, fire protection procedures, other safety measures, day night security on the warehouses. So that warehouses are safe and secure.

Now a days Homes as well offices are getting smaller and smaller and real estate prices are mounting, Accordingly many individuals are shrinking and putting extra goods in storage. Items that are not required at the point or can not be accommodated (because of some restructuring activity, due to lack of space etc) can be safely kept in warehouses for a specified time frame. Also, due to security reasons, in the nick of time practices and many other factors, the warehousing or storage facility has got special importance. There can be many other reasons due to which private people and businesses need to store goods. Warehouses can safely and conveniently store Computers, documents (in racked archive storage to individual specially designed storage crates), Home furnishings, Antiques, Furs, Linens, Mattresses, Electronic Equipment, Musical Instruments and innumerable other stuff.

Warehousing facility is accommodated by corporate, commercial users as well as individuals where in goods are stored at the accountability of a service provider, at the destination of choice, for a definite period of time. For export cargo, the movers and packers collect, store and ship in accordance to the client's instructions, at the same time on imports they arrange delivery from port, store and dispatch directly to the specified destination. There are some "bonded warehouses" as well where the goods can be stored (tax free) and which only become due for payment only when the goods are removed.

Shipping Services

The service aims to provide assured shipment to or from any port, and in any country at very competitive rates. AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS has a team of forwarding experts to help ensure that shipments are in compliance with all import/export regulations plus access to both off board and on-board infrastructure essential to handling cargo.

Backed by a strong network and excellent relationships with other major international shipping companies, we can offer both FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) services to suit every client’s requirement.

Our Services includes: 1)Sea Freight Forwarder
2)Combined Air ,Sea Freight Services.
3)Sea Freight Export/Import Consolidation.
4)Warehousing Services, Distribution & Delivery
5)Door to Door Delivery
6)Customs Brokerage
7)LCL Consolidation
8)FCL Consolidation
9)Order Followup tracking systems
10)Factory Stuffing.

Air Cargo Services

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS handle all airfreight shipments in the most professional, reliable and expeditious means possible.

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS with network of offices and agents throughout the world allow you the opportunity, with one phone call, to coordinate airfreight shipments worldwide for the most safe, timely, seamless and cost effective manner possible. At AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS, we have been meeting our customers' air freight needs ever since our establishment with fast, efficient service and an on-time performance record that is second to none. Our customer commitment is as strong as ever.

AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS provides expedited air freight services and inernational air freight to destinations around the world. Our airport-to-airport service is ideally suited to customers with a high volume of business requiring time-critical delivery. We provide air freight services based on your needs and your schedule.

We select the most appropriate carrier for your shipment that we gives you a head start over other air freight forwarding companies. For example, taking into account the variations in summer and winter timetables and the impact of size and weight restrictions will help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays in shipping your freight around the world.

Although we have a wide variety of services to offer, our most important tool is our personalized service. We take a personal interest in every shipment we handle.

Services for you :

1)Air Freight - Direct & Consolidation Services.
2)Custom Clearance & Forwarding.
3)Automated Shipment Status Tracking.
4)Multi-Modal Transport Operators.
5)Warehousing & Distribution.

We can meet all your global transportation needs around the world. Whether you're flying smallest to largest consignments to any part of the world.

Parcel Services

We, at AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS offer packing serviced, loading services, moving services, unloading services, unpacking services, car carrier services etc. And these services we never give any chance to our customers to complaint.

In addition to enhance our Packers and Movers Services, we, at AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS also provide Parcel Services in India. We offer better and cost effective parcel services. We deliver in time and endeavor to provide you total satisfaction. We are able to perform our parcel services in all over India.

We, at AGARWAL CARGO PACKERS MOVERS provide parcel services right from picking up parcels from your door to delivery at the destination door step. And also we assure you for safe and prompt delivery of your parcel at desired destination any where in India.

Some of our salient features in this segment are :

1)Exclusive service in all over india.
2)Ideal for traders and consumers alike.
3)Service suitable from small parcels to huge carton boxes, any size
4)Shortest transit time available in the market – Only one overnight journey to reach your consignment to another state/city.
5)90% covered vehicles only are used making it safe and reliable for your goods.
6)Door to door collection and delivery services available.
7)Online tracking system for complete mapping of exact location at any time.
8)Prompt SMS and e mail alerts.
9)Timely delivery
10)Multiple delivery points available in the city for convenience in collection of your material.

A sophisticated online system ensures immediate delivery due to the use of time friendly LRS codes / GR codes and reference codings.

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